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The label AMBERG.MUSEUM connects three institutions with different topics. The Stadtmuseum Amberg (City Museum Amberg) presents art, history and culture of past times, while the aligned Stadtgalerie (old firestation City Gallery) exhibits contemporary art. At the outside branch Glaskathedrale (Glass Cathedral) the last building by the famous architect Walter Gropius can be explored.

  • City Museum

  • City Gallery
    Stadtgalerie ALTE FEUERWACHE

  • Glass Cathedral
    Erlebnis Glaskathedrale Amberg


Experience the history of the city of Amberg. Learn for example more about the Amberg Wedding (Amberger Hochzeit) 1474, or how the Winter King (Winterkönig) got his name. Explore the 19th and 20th century by shopping at an old-fashioned corner shop, visiting a bakery, a pharmacy or a dentist. Another exhibition highlights the long tradition of beer in Amberg. After that, the curtain rises for a historic fashion show. The tour continues to local crafts shops, like a hairdresser, a shoemaker and a goldsmith. Under the roof of the Baustadel, earthenware, enamel and faience mainly manufactured in Amberg are on display.
An unique experience is offered by the exhibition "A Tribute to Michael Mathias Prechtl", which introduces the famous son of the city and internationally known artist and his works. The well-known boardgame "Mensch ärgere Dich nicht®" (br. engl. "Ludo", am. engl. "Parcheesi") was invented by a man born in Amberg – an entire section highlights the game’s history and invites visitors to try out the game on their own.